//AT&T: Engaging potential customers through a targeted social media campaign

AT&T is one of many telecom brands jostling to reach small business owners and technology decision makers in a competitive landscape. The Business Fiber product team needed to drive interest in its new service by reaching IT professionals who met specific criteria for a Business Fiber purchase.

To generate greater awareness of and interest in the new service and drive potential customers to purchase, Adfero developed a strategy to drive traffic to the Business Fiber landing page. We created a long-term, paid social media campaign targeted directly to technology decision makers (IT managers, C-Suite, etc.) at small to mid-sized companies.

Adfero began with several creative concepts, tested each with a small budget, and identified an engaging “superhero” concept as the top performer across channels. The winning creative was then promoted with more budget and deployed across a number of campaigns throughout the year, resulting in increased traffic and two to five times higher rates of social engagement with potential purchasers.